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Employers submit your job postings for free at! Click any of the Employers - Post Jobs links or just click here.

This will take you Jobs in Alabama Submit News page. Don't worry that it doesn't say submit job posting, etc. All submissions whether job postings, resumes, or anything else is currently submitted though this page. Just type in the title, any title you like but the job title is always good. From the topic list select the appropriate location. In the story text field enter the heading information about the job. Then in the extended text field enter the remainder of the job posting. Note that it is important to not enter the entire posing in the story text field. Here there should be only heading information and/or a short synopsis of the job. Used the extend text field for the balance of the posting.

This will help the job seeker find your job posting and help tract the visits to the posting. Be sure and include some type of contact information so that the job seeker can contact your company about the job.

There is no limit to the length of the job posting. We do ask you to use reason and not make the posting extraordinarily long. Job seeker's are not as likely to read overly long postings.

Currently there is no change to the employer to posts as many jobs as they like.

After you submit your job, we will approve and post it shortly. Normally within twenty-four hours.

You don't have to have an account with to submit your job posting but you can create on for free. You can create one here.

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