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Dear HR Manager:

The job listing, posted on, for a Production Editor-Proofreader caught my attention. I am confident my experience fulfilling directives of marketing projects, history of interacting with individuals of all capacities, and ability to produce high-quality written materials on a timely basis could provide much value and benefit to your Sales Intelligence team. I would like to meet with you, face-to-face, and further substantiate my claims.

Understanding how valuable an education is, I am currently working toward earning my bachelor degree in English-Professional Writing. Last year I completed an associate degree program in business administration, graduating with honors - a 3.75 GPA. My current GPA stands at 4.0. Since my education is online, grades are based on written communications. During the past year and a half, I have produced close to 100 projects, including essays, reports, proposals, letters, emails, charts, graphs, tables, discussion board postings, and PowerPoint presentations, all with exceptional results. Even though this degree was in business, and not my intended major, it provided me writing abilities far beyond what I started out with. By no means am I trying to minimize the business coursework, as it was indisputably irreplaceable.

I've put emphasis on my education because I believe it is one of my foremost assets, combined with other factors. Had I earned a degree straight out of high school, it wouldn't bear a fraction of the relevance it does in the year 2007. The knowledge I've learned is present-day information, and skills acquired are from the most current sources, using the latest technology. It is all applicable to the world we live in today. What makes me unique and better equipped to provide Management with a valuable contribution is while many individuals hold current degrees, they may lack real-life, professional experience. I have practical skills and appreciable experience in the business world along with a current education. I can be a much greater asset to you because of it.

If you would please take a look at my attached resume, you'll see listed some accomplishments and aptitudes I've acquired throughout the years. In essence your job listing seeks someone "with a sharp eye for detail to help facilitate the production flow of client deliverables." My extensive experience with print media began to sharpen my eye, by proofreading countless materials prior to going on press. The 3+ years spent in the insurance field added to my eye's sharpness. I analyzed, reviewed and processed group insurance documents and applications, making sure all components were present, and completed with 100% to comply with insurance regulations and laws. No allowance was made for errors. With over 10 year's history working with promotional projects, my primary responsibility, in all cases was to "facilitate the production flow of client deliverables." The objective was simple - to satisfy the client. It was my job to figure out how.

My background has afforded me many "intangible" qualifications one can't learn from a book. Qualities such as resourcefulness, insight, adaptability, pride, and common sense are just a few; protocol including integrity, accountability, appropriateness, and a strong, honest work ethic make me a cut above the rest! I ask for a few minutes of your time, so we can further explore the contribution I could bring to Management. Please contact me at or 312-550-1111 to arrange a time. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate the opportunity to apply and be considered for this position.



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